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Wenzhou Topnotch Machine Co.,Ltd.(brand name TANA) are an professional china manufacturer, established by a team whom have more than 20 years’s experience in producing and foreign trading. our vision is to be world-renowned pipeline solution specialist and serve our customers by offer topnotch quality pipeline machinery products include various types of industrial valves,gate valve,globe valve,check valve,pressure seal gate valve,high pressure gate valve,high temperature gate valve,knife gate valve,metal seat butterfly valve,slab gate valve,cast iron gate valve,y type globe valve,pressure seal gate valve,cast steel gate valve,cast steel globe valve,forged steel gate valve,Butterfly valve,Ball valve,valve actuators,Flange,pipe fittings etc.which have widely application for oil, gas, refinery, paper making, chemical, marine, power station and pipeline industries.....
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  • [Industry News] The Proportion of Valve Continue Growing

    With China carrying out energy conservation and emissions reduction strategy, accelerating the development of strategic emerging industry, construction scale and service scope of sewage treatment in China will be expanded further. Construction market and operation market of sewage treatment will enter into a period of high development. Industrial integration will be unfolded gradually and market-oriented reform of sewage treatment will be promoted further. So, valve industry in China has wide market space on sewage treatment market.

  • [Industry News] Stainless Steel Valve Market Has Large Development Space

    With valve industry improving gradually, market prospect of stainless steel is optimistic. Experts considered that in the past year, quantity and quality of stainless steel valve in China were significantly improved. Application and market prospect are wide. In the next few years, stainless steel valve market will be larger and stronger.

  • [Industry News] China Valve Manufacturers Should Improve Quality

    In general, Chinese pump and valve market still has lower market concentration, mainly focusing on low-end products. In terms of core technology, China valve manufacturer fall behind than manufacturers in developed countries.

  • [Industry New] Improving the Quality of Valve is the Key

    At present, about 10% of market of rubber joint valve in China is occupied by foreign enterprises. Insiders of China Valve Association consider that to change the current situation, improving the quality of valve is the key.

  • [Industry New] Energy Demand Will Promote Industrial Valve Market

    Valve is one of the key equipments in fluid control system. At present, the main applications of valve include petroleum and gas, power, chemical engineering, water supply and sewage treatment, paper making and metallurgy. Among that, oil & gas, power and chemical industry are the most important applications of valve. According to the prediction from McIlvaine, the market forecaster, the demand of industrial valve will reach 100 billion dollars. Energy demand in developing countries is the main factor to promote industrial valve market to develop. It is estimated that from 2015 to 2017, the growth rate of industrial valve market size will maintain at about 7%, much higher than the growth rate of global industrial valve industry.


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