Gate Valve

Pressure Seal Gate Valve

The design and manufacture of high-pressure valve is in accordance with API600, the High Pressure Seal Gate Valves has a beautiful shape, compact structure, reliable sealing. Valve for the Class 900lb-Class2500lb various tubes on the road. High-pressure self-sealing valve has the following advantages:1) Self-sealing high-pressure valve allows the structure of the valve body, valve cover tight junction structure, the provincial Public Works save cost, safe and reliable. 2) valve pressure in the valve cover seal, the use of the modular structure to achieve linear sealed its seals at the same time the use of austenitic stainless steel, anti-cavitation, extended life, thereby ensuring that the valve seal under high-pressure differential did not leak.
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Pressure Seal Gate Valve

Pressure seal gate valve

Design Features

  • OS&Y Outside Screw and Yoke
  • Pressure Seal Bonnet
  • welded seat ring
  • Solid, Flexible or Split Wedge Design
  • Back-seating
  • Full Port Or Reduced Bore
  • Fully Guiding,Flexible Wedge
  • Optional Upset Forged T-head Stem Design
  • MR 0175 and MR 103 on request
  • One Piece
  • Seat Surface Hardface STL


  1. Design and Manufacture: API 600,BS1414,DIN 3352, ANSI B16.34, API603 API6D
  2. Face to face(end to end): ASME B16.10,DIN 3202, BS EN558, API6D
  3. End Connection: 2"-24"ASME B16.5(RF,RTJ);26" -42" ASME B16.47;B.W end ASME B16.25,DIN 2501
  4. Test and inspection: ISO5208,API 6D, API598
  5. Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34

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