Pneumatic Actuator

Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator mechanism is the linear actuators mounted in the final adjustment components,equipped with multiple built-in springs,And the overall structure is compact,and the thrust is huge,It is particularly applicable to straight travel control valve.butterfly valve and damper regulator and so on of each series.
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Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator globe type pneumatic diaphragm control valve pneumatic diaphragm control valve Globe type control valve 2 way diaphragm control valve


  • The compact overall structure
  • Rapid act,huge thrust,little friction
  • The effective area of 280~1600 cm2 can be chosen.
  • The gas source range(spring range)of 0.14~0.34 Mpa can be selected. 
  • The built-in spring is replaced to change the scope of work of the gas source. 
  • The standard film cover is the plastic coated steel plate,or the optional can be stainless steel
  • The stem can be connected by screw clamping.
  • The clear hand wheel mechanism can be chose,choosing the maximum and minimum travel mechanical limit.
  • The maximum supply pressure is 0.6Mpa,and it can continuously work under the temperature of -40~120.


Storke: 16mm-120mm

Flange end:ISO5211 DIN337 or MFG

Air pressure:0.2Bar-5Bar

Work temperature :Normal temperature type:-20℃-80℃High temperature type:-20℃-160℃Low temperature type:-40℃-80℃

Please specify the following when order:

  1. Actuator model(specification type of action quantity of spring )
  2. Air supply
  3. Travel/stroke
  4. With/without hand wheel (top mounted)
  5. Accessories (with/without positioner, air regulater)
  6. Special requirement

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