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DIN Cast Steel Globe Valve

DIN cast steel Globe Valves are suitable for the pressure from PN1.6 to 16MPa. It can work in the medium of -29 degree celsius to 425 degree celsius combustible, explosive, toxi, fluid, heat-conducting oil and liquid ammonia. Application: Petrochemical industry, Chemical Fiber Textiles, plastic, paper making, power industry, steel, rubber and gas systems. The performances is very reliable.Rational Structures, Reliable Sealing, Zero Leakage of Stem.
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DIN Cast Steel Globe Valve
DIN cast steel globe valve cast steel globe valve DIN globe valve

DIN cast steel globe valve features

  • Bolted bonnet
  • Pressure seal bonnet
  • Thread or welded bonnet
  • Casted steel
  • Flat, parabolic or spheric seat
  • Welded or replaceable seats
  • “Y” design or stranght pattern
  • Cryogenic design with extended bonnet
  • Stop check design available
  • Soft seat design available

DIN cast steel globe valve specifications

Technical Specifications:

Design Standard: DIN 3356 / EN 13709

Face To Face: DIN3202 / EN 558-1

Flange ends: DIN2543-2545 / EN 1092-1

Test & Inspection: DIN 3230 / EN 12266

Size range: DN15-DN400

Pressure: PN16-PN63

Temperaute: ≤ 425℃

Materials: 1.0619+N(GS-C25), 1.4308(CF8), 1.4408(CF8M)

Application: Industry, powerstations, flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply, vapour facilities.

Fig No: DJ41H-16C

DIN globe valve Technical Drawing

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