Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple offset butterfly valve is the best open and closure device in the pipeline and leads the trend of open and closure devise,its main features are quick open and closure,Triple eccentric metal butterfly valve can easily achieve by rotating 90C .Triple eccentric butterfly valve enables automated remote control;simple structure,small size,light weight,small installation space:metal seated and soft seated structure can be used in a variety of conditions,Triple eccentric butterfly valve has good sealing performance,long service life,fire safe design,full of open condition enables small flow resistance,and half open condition,Triple eccentric butterfly valve allows flexible flow control,low operating torque valve,simple and quick operation.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Design Features:

  • triple offset structure, bi-directional seal
  • Non-peeling seat to body structure
  • Spherical design for plate and seats
  • Non-pin connection
  • Low valve operating torque
  • Flow curve tending to straight line

Technical specifications:

Size:2"-80" or DN50-DN2000 

Pressure: Class150lb-600lb or PN6-PN100

Body: WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc

Body seat:SS410,SS304,STL

Disc seal:SS304+graphite,PTFE,EPDM

Stem:17-4PH, SS410,SS304,SS316

Connection Type: Flanged, Wafer, Lug

Operated Type: Hand Wheel,Worm Gear,Pneumatic,Electric Actuator

Design & Manufacture Std.: API 609,MSS SP-67,MSS SP-68,DIN3354,EN558,JIS B2071

Face to Face Std.: ANSI B16.10,MSS SP-68,EN558-1,JIS B2002

End Connection Std.: API609, ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47 , EN1092,JIS B2220,GOST 12815

Test and inspection Std.:API598,EN12266.1,JIS B2003

Note:Different material is available based on customers and condition requests.

Triple offset butterfly valve dimensions

Triple offset butterfly valve flange  dimension ANSI B16.5 list

Triple offset butterfly valve flange dimension EN1092-1

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

For more details about  Triple eccentric butterfly valve , please download catalogue for reference or contact with us.

Triple Offset Butterfly ValveTriple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly ValveTriple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly ValveTriple Offset Butterfly ValveTriple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple eccentric metal seat butterfly valve is operated by the disc rotating form 0 to 90, can be applied to cut off or regulate the flow of medium.The valve can be actuator by operating lever, handle wheel electric actuator or pneumatic actuator.Widely used for potable water supply and distribution, waste water treatment, electric power plant, gas supply, warm-air system, smelting plant, ship building, textile, petroleum, chemistry, or other light industries.

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