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TANA DIN standard bellow seal globe valve Export To Germany Customer

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Today,wenzhou Topnotch machine co.,ltd have export 1000 pcs valves to Germany customer (Product including DIN F4 Gate valve,DIN F7 Gate valve,DIN Swing Check Valve and DIN bellows globe valve).

We have maintained good business relationship with our customer in Germany more than 10 years.

This delivery has further deepened mutual trust and strengthened business cooperation.

DIN Bolted Bonnet bellow seal globe Valves

Gate Valve / Feature:

  • Proven technology
  • Full range of body/bonnet & trim materials Choice flexible wedge design
  • Welded seat in Cr-steel
  • Back seating design
  • Upset forged T-head stem design OS&Y construction
  • Full port design Full length wedge guides
  • Optional impact hand wheel
  • Optional lengthen stem
  • DIN PN:PN16,PN25,PN40,
  • DIN DN:DN40-DN1200
  • Temperature Rating:-20°C up to +450°C
  • Body forms: DIN3202-F4,DIN3202-F5,DIN3202-F7,EN 558-1
  • Basic shell material: Carbon steel
  • Connections:Flanged ends,
  • Operation:Handwheel
  • Bellows seal Globe Valve Mediums: Steam, gases, hot water, thermal oil, process water, vacuum facilities, ammonia etc.

Technical Specification

  1. Design Standard: DIN3356 EN 13709-2003
  2. Face to Face Dimensions: DIN3202 EN588-1: 1995
  3. End Flange Dimension: DIN EN 1092-1: 2002
  4. Test Standard: DIN3230 EN 12266: 2003

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