Steam Traps

Thermodynamic Steam Traps

The TANA Thermostatic Steam Traps & Thermodynamic Steam Traps are available with balanced-pressure bellows or wafer-type elements, which are constructed in a variety of materials in both stainless steel and carbon steel. These traps are used on applications with very light condensate loads.

Thermodynamic steam traps

Design features

  • Cast or Forged Body in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Duplex 
  • Stainless Steel Gr. 304 Trim as standard
  • Sizes: DN15-DN50 
  • Body Styles: Flanged, Welded or Threaded Ends
  • Pressure Class: ANSI CL150 through CL200, PN10 to PN64
  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical lines

Standard Compliance

ASME B16.34, DIN 3202

ASME B16.10, MSS SP-71, BS EN558

ASME B16.5 CL150, EN1092, EN12226

ISO 5208, API 598

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