Steam Traps

Free Float Ball Type Steam Traps

Free float steam trap is one of the most advanced traps since its ability of timely discharge of the condensed water in the pipelines and heating equipment. This trap has an extensive application in petroleum, chemical industry, light textile, printing, pharmacy, paper making, foods and mines.Continues discharging saturation condensed water without accumulation, and so get the maximum thermal efficiency.When steam pressure changes, the ball float can adjust the opening of valve seat without influence, and so it is stable.With automatic and manual releaser, and so its exhaust performance is good without airlock and working is smooth without noise.


  1. Material: WCB, F304,F316
  2. Class: 150 - 300lbs , PN16-PN40
  3. Size: 1/2''-6"
  4. Standards: JB/T9093-99
  5. End flange: ANSI B16.5
  6. Free Float Steam Trap with built-in X-element type automatic air vent, for use on process equipment. Discharge 600-700kg per hour

ISO9001, API 6D, and CE

Working Principle:

By the action of buoyancy, the position of floating ball changes with the water level of condensation water and adjust the opening of valve seat automatically, continue to discharge condensation water, when the condensation water stops, the floating ball fall onto bottom by gravity, then close opening of drain valve. The opening of drain valve is below the water lever, and so the water is separated from steam automatically, and form water seal without steam leakage.

Structure Characteristics:

  1. It can drain water continuously and perform in a stable way with large capacity and less steam loss.
  2. It can saturate the water continuously, which makes less stock of condensation water in the equipment adn is quick in heating and stable in heating temperature.
  3. It has automatic cold air vent device without air lock situation. it works in balanced way without noisy.

Performance Parameter/ Material List of Main Part:

Mini Working Pressure 0.01Mpa Max allowable temperature for cast steel 425℃
Mini degree of super cooling 0 Max allowable temperature for stainless steel 525℃
Leakage rate with loading 0 Working Medium Saturated vapor, condensed water
Maxi allowable rate of back pressure 80% Exhaust plant Stainless steel / alloy
Valve body, cap WCB / 304 Floating ball Stainless steel
Valve seat 2Cr13 / 304 Filter Stainless steel

Free Float Ball Type Steam Traps

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