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Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve, similar to Spirax Sarco Design, mainly used for steam system to reduce pressure, which is superior to normal piston type steam pressure reducing valve.Pressure reducing valve the new type pilot extra-huge membrane pressure reducing valve developed by our company. It is greatly improved on basis of normal pressure reducing valve. The membrane use new material, enlarging the working area, so the slight change of upper pressure or lower pressure can be fed back to membrane of main valve, and adjust the opening of main valve to ensure the constant pressure of lower stream pressure.Pilot Pressure Reduce Valve can realize the temperature control, upsteam pressure control, remote switch control. Super high sensitivity guide type diaphragm actuator provide a super high sensitivity regulate and flow control.

Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve


  • Casting One-Piece Body
  • Full and Reduced Bore
  • High Reduce Pressure Range
  • Super High Sensitivity Operation


Pressure Rating:1.6- 4.0Mpa


Material: WCB,CF8,CF8M


Flange Standard:DIN, ANSI, JIS

Main Technical Parameters and Indexes of Performance.

Nominal Pressure PN25
Maximum Design Pressure(PMA) 26 bar g
Maximum Design Temperature(TMA) 350℃
Minimum Design Temperature(TMI) 0℃
Maximum Upstream Pressure for SaturatedSteam Service(PMO) 26 bar g
Maximum Operating Temperature(TMO) 300℃
Minimum Operating Temperature(TMIO) 0℃
Maximum Differential Pressure( PMX ) 24 bar
Down Stream Pressure Range 1.2-17 bar
Maximum Cold Hydraulic Test Pressure 40 bar

Material of Main Component.

Name of Component Material of Component
Valve Body, Valve Cover WCB
Valve Seat 2Cr13
valve Flap 2Cr13
Valve Rod 2Cr13
Membrane SS316
Adjusting Spring 60Si2Mn

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