Special Valves

Foot Valve

Foot valve is a special type of check valve that has a built-in strainer.It is installed at the intake side of a suction pipe and pump.its purpose is to prevent the loss of prime when the liquid source (wet well) is lower than the pump.prime is designed as the charge of loquid required to begin pumping action and priming is the process of filling the pump and suction pipe with liquid.The check valve part of the foot valve opens when the pump starts to allow liquid to enter the suction pipe and pump.when the pump stops the check valves closes and prevents the liquid from emptying.thus the foot valve eliminates the need to prime the pump each time it is started.the strainer component of the foot valve helps to romove unwanted debris from the liquid that may cause damage to the pump.


  • High tightness(leakproofness class-Acc. To EN12266-1)
  • Compact settlement
  • environment-friendly
  • No maintenance



Pressure Rating:PN2.5-PN16

Material:Ductile iron,WCB,CF8,CF8M etc.

Flange standard:DIN,ANSI,JIS etc.


Industrial water Neutral fluids

Foot Valve

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