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ANSI Flanged Cast Iron Globe Valve

ANSI Cast iron flanged globe valve is recommended for service in commercial and industrial applications, including hot and cold water, HVAC, steam, compressed air, gas and other general utility services. Globe valves are recommended for throttling or regulating flow. TANA cast iron Flanged globe valve has flanged end connections for ease of installation. This valve features renewable seat and disc. The bolted bonnet makes the valve convenient to maintain. Because of its seat and disc arrangement this valve is ideal for throttling or regulating flow. Please refer to TANA technical data sheets, chemical resistance guides and catalogs for engineering and installation information.globe valves for the most specified, versatile and economical valve option in commercial, mechanical and industrial applications.

ANSI Flanged Cast iron globe valve


  • Size : DN15-400mm
  • Pressure : PN10/16, 125-150LB
  • Temperature : -29~+350 C
  • Material: Cast iron,Ductile iron
  • Medium : Water, Air, Gas, etc


Design Standard: MSS-SP-70,BS5152

Face to Face:ANSI B16.10, JIS B2002

Flange end:ANSI B16.10. BS4504 PN16,JIS B2239

Inspection and Test : API 598,ASME B16.1,B16.42,JIS B2003

Installation: horizontal / vertical, with the flow following the direction of the arrow. When working pressure exceeds below indicated limits, valves must be installed in opposite direction, with pressure over the shutter, and balance disc type compulsory.

Cast iron globe valve Main materials

Number Part Name Material
1 Body/Bonnet Cast iron ASTM A126 CL.B
2 Seat Ring Bronze B62/Brass B16/stainless steel 2Cr13
3 Disc Cast iron ASTM A126 CL.B+Bronze B62/brass B16/stainless steel 2Cr13
4 Stem Brass B16 / Stainless Steel 2Cr13

Cast iron globe valve Main Dimensions (125lb)

Main Dimensions
Norminal diameter L D D1 b n-d H W
50 203 152 120.7 15.9 4-Φ19 279 200
65 216 178 139.5 17.5 4-Φ19 298 200
80 240 190 152.5 19.1 4-Φ19 333 200
100 292 229 190.5 23.9 8-Φ19 391 240
125 330 254 216 23.9 8-Φ19 438 240
150 355 279 241.5 25.4 8-Φ19 491 280
200 495 343 298.5 28.6 8-Φ22 641 360
250 622 406 362 30.2 12-Φ25 775 400

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