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Knife Gate Valve

TANA knife gate valves are available in various designs, one-piece body and two-piece bodies, rising stem and non-rising stem, uni-direction and bi-direction structures, resilient and metal seat rings, bonnetless and bolted bonnet designs. For optional designs, deflection cone could divert the flow of abrasive slurries and protect valve seat from abrasion, V port disc and through conduit design are used for throttling service, per customers' requirements.


TANA knife gate is a uni-directional or bi-directional lug type valve designed according to MSS-SP-81 and TAPPI-TIS 405 for industrial service ,The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shut off on suspended solids in industries. A choice of several actuators and accessories is available.

Knife gate valve design


  • The body design of knife gate valve has the advantages:simple,compact and reasonable structure,smooth port,small flow resistance,light weight,easy installation etc.
  • Disc:disc is standard stainless steel, both sizes are polished and grinded smoothly as mirror,which can effectively avoid damage of seat through opening or closing and make best seal when close the valve.
  • Seat:The unique design,mechanical retainer of sealing ring,stainless steel retainer,seat materials:NBR,EPDM,VITON,PTFE.
  • Packing:There are several layers of braided packing and rubber seal ring,the packing gland compression force,can effectively ensure the sealilng performance.Material is graphite braided packing,PTFE,cotton fiber.
  • Stem:The stem is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Manual driving mode:Handwheel,Bevel Gear and Gear operated.
  • Automatic driving mode:Electric,pneumatic,hydralic,electro-hydraulic.
  • All cast iron,cast steel valves and steel spare parts from TANA are epoxy coated,well protecting valve inner port against corrosive and dirty conditions for longer service life.


  • Design &Manufacture:MSS SP-81,MSS SP-135,ASME B16.34 etc.
  • Face to face dimension:MSS SP-81,MSS SP-135,API B16.10,DIN3202 etc.
  • End Connection:ASME B16.5 ASME B16.47,MSS SP-81 etc.
  • Test and Inspection:ISO5208,MSS SP-61,API598
  • Size:2”-48” or DN50-DN1200(large diameter requirments)
  • Application of work pressure
  • DN50-DN250:10kg/cm2
  • DN300-DN400:6kg/cm2
  • DN450:5kg/cm2
  • DN500-DN600:4kg/cm2
  • DN700-DN1200 2kg/cm2
  • Material:WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,C5,CF3,CF8M,CF3M,etc.
  • Operated by:Handwheel,Gear,Pneumatic,hydraulic and Electric actuator etc.

Main Material list

Knife Gate Valve Parts list
Parts Cast steel,cast iron Stainless steel
Disc AISI 304 AISI 304、AISI 316
Seat Metal、NBR、Viton、PTFE
Packing PTFE or Graphite spiral-wound gaskets
Packing Gland WCB/GGG40 CF8、CF8M
Stem AISI 430
Stem nut Brass
Yoke Epoxy coated steel
Clamp AISI304 AISI316
Handwheel Ø≤310:Ductile Iron/Ø≤410:GJL250(GG25)
Gland Plastic
Stem protection sleeve Epoxy coated steel
Needle bearing High quality steel
Nut Epoxy coated steel

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