Plain Flange

Plain Flange (Plate flange) is also called flat flange, plate slip on flange or a ring flange. It looks like a flat circular disk with inner bore and bolt holes on it . It is one kind of the slip on flange.Plate flange means the flange is like a flat plate, it could be Raised Face (RF) sealing face , commonly the plate flange could be RF or FF face, the Raised Face Plain Flange is much popular in regular industry systems.In ANSI/ASME B16.5 flange standard , there is no plate slip on flange , only hub slip on flange in it , but in different projects the ANSI B16.5 plate flange is used a lot for decrease the cost of the projects. The ANSI /ASME B16.5 plain flange should have the same dimensions and PCDs with the Slip on flange, the only difference is without a hub on the flange.

Plain Flange

Size:1/2"to 60"

Class:150lb,300lb,600lb,900lb,1500lb,2500lb,DIN 6bar,10bar,16bar,25bar,40bar

Standards:ANSI B16.5,ANSI B16.47.

Flange Facings:Flate face(FF),Raised Face(RF),Ring Type Joint(RTJ)


Stainless steel Flat Face FLanges:

ASTM A182 F304/F304L,F316/F316L,F321,F347

Carbon steel Flate Face Flanges:

ASME A105/A105N,ASTM A350 LF1/LF2、LF3

Alloy Steel Flate Face FLanges:

ASTM A182 F1,F5,F7,F9,F12,F22,F91

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