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Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner And Outer Ring

Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner And Outer Ring adopts high-quality SUS304 or SUS316 ("V" or "W"shape) metal strips, other alloy materials and some flexible materials like graphite, asbestos, PTE and non-asbestos, which are overlapped and wound spirally with each other. The metal strips are fixed on the initial and terminal ends by means of spot welding. Spiral Wound Gasket has the best resilien ce among the semi-metal hermetic gaskets. Its structural density can be made subject to different locking forces. Also the internal and external steel rings can be used to control its maximum compaction. It's not demanding for the surface precision of the flange sealing surface contacting the spirally-wound gasket. It's especially applicable for such occasions as uneven load, slack joint, periodical changes of temperature and pressure, impact or vibration. It's an ideal static seal element for flange connection in valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes,handholes and so on.

Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner And Outer Ring


  • Little deterioration of the filler material at high temperature,oustanding long-term seal ability even under high temperatures and high pressures.
  • Sealing,especially gas sealing, is superior to that of asbestos gasket.
  • sealing remains outstanding even under servere conditions such as pressure fluctuations and heat cycles.
  • outstanding sealing even at cryogenic temperature.
  • Excellent seal ability is maintained making it possible to apply this for corrosive fluids by selecting the Appropriate materials.


The main kind of Sprial Wound Gasket(SWG):

Products Style Flange For example
Basic type SWG 1001 Tongue and Groove 304/PTFE
SWG with inner ring 1001 IR Male and Female 304 304/FG
SWG with outer ring 1001 CR Raised face Flat face 304/ASB CS
SWG with inner & outer rings 1001 IC 304 304/FG CS
SWG for heat exchanger 1001 H Heat exchanger 304/FG with 1 bar of DJ
Special shape SWG 1001 S Special Oval

The main coefficient of four kinds Sprial Wound Gasket:

Style Structure Hoop material Filler material Inner & outer ring material Normal thickness mm
Gasket Inner & outer ring
1001 Without rings 304(L);316(L) 321;317L 31803 Monel, Ti,Ni INC Hast.C/B Zr702 etc. Graphite, PTFE, Asbestos Non-asb Mica, etc CS, 304(L), 316(L), 321;317L 31803 Ti,Ni INC Hast. Monel, Zr702 3.2 4.5 (0.175”) 6.4 2 3 (1/8”) 4
1001 IR With inner ring
1001CR With outer ring
1001 IC With inner & outer rings

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner And Outer Ring

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