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Lanling Intelligent Integrated Electric Actuator

A new generation of intelligent IK3 series electric actuators are suitable for the linear operation valves or angular travel valves, which are the essential drives for opening closing or adjusting valves, and also have remote-control, centralized-control or self-control device on valves. The product has multi-function stable performance advanced control system, small size, light weight, easy maintenance and simple operation etc advantages. Meanwhile, it can be non-intrusive set and examined by infrared remote control. Actuators use LCD displays, showing work state by figures and can be debugged without opening the covers,which offers great convenience for the users to operate. The actuator has automatic protection and flameproof function, which is popular and widely applied in the oil, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, recycled paper, water treatment and other industries.

Lanling Intelligent Integrated Electric Actuator

  1. Model Representation:

Lanling Intelligent Integrated Electric Actuator

For example IK3110K-18C-1W

Ik3 means actuator is multi-turn type, No 1 body, output torque is 100 N.m, on-off type, output speed 18 r/min,

standard connection and power AC 380V 50 Hz.

  1. Structural Design of Standard Type&Explosion-proof Type:

The performance of this product conforms to the stipulation of JB/T8528-1997 General Valve Electric Actuator Technical Conditions ; Its

explosion-proof performance conforms to the stipulations of 6B3836 .1-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part1

General Requirements ,GB3836.2-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmosphere's Part 2 : the explosion-proof type explosion-proof enclosures and JB/T8529-1997 Explosion-proof valve Electric Actuator Technical Conditions.Surrounding Mediums: The outdoors type is used for environment free of combustible, explosive and corrosive mediums; The explosionproof type includes dI and dIIBT4; dI is for non- working surface of coal mining; and dIIBT4 can be applied for the environment IIA IIB

T1-T4 where the explosive gases mixture meets the requirements.

  1. Main Functions:
    1. Non-invasive Type (set without opening cover).
    2. LCD display in Chinese or English.
    3. Control buttons are designed with double seals and dust proof for best protection.
    4. Infrared Remote Control, same way with local control.
    5. No battery design, automatic memory function keeps all setting up parameters when power off.
    6. Input and output are isolated by photoelectric; High-voltage protection can refuse to connect any equipment and instrument freely.
    7. Using up to four single-chip computers for data exchanging and processing to improve reaction speed of modules, which can achieve high precision servo control, and the actual control accuracy up to 0.1%.
    8. It ensures that the electric actuator is intact in any state with the perfect function of automatic phase, commutation, phase lacking, mechanical overload, overheating protection. iWith electric actuator sensitivity adjustment function, it can set control scope according to different control requirements.
    9. Electric actuator inertia regulatory function. It s set according to different rotational inertia electric actuator so as to ensure accuracy.
    10. The action and reaction choosing functions can satisfy the actual needs of working conditions.
    11. The function that cumulating the times of electric actuator operation can enable users to keep abreast of the electric actuator working conditions.
    12. No sparks switch technology, silicon components to control the output, the actual realization of the modular high-power motor control, in order to reduce the volume control components, and increase product reliability.
  1. Main Parameters:

Power: Standard -AC 380V/50 Hz, AC 220V/ 50 Hz. Special- 110V, 415V, 660V Etc (50Hz, 60Hz)

Input & output signal 4-20mA (Notes: No Input signal with on-off type)

Basis error limit ≤±0.1%

Travel Control Repeatability Error:≤1%

Ingress Protection:IP65(IP67)

Explosion-proof symbol ExdII BT4

Ambient Temperature:-30 ~+70℃;special -40 +85℃ (Special Order Inform Us)

Ambient Humidity≤95%

Form 1 IK3 Series Intelligent Integrated Electric Actuator Model Specificatio

Model Torque
Max Stem
Output Speed
AC380V AC220V ApproxWeight
Power (KW) Current (A) Power (KW) Current (A) (kg)
IK3105 50 28 20 1:1 12 0.12 0.57 0.18 1.0 28
IK3110 100 28 40 1:1 18 0.25 1.03 0.37 1.8 45
IK3115 150 28 40 1:1 18 0.37 1.38 0.55 2.4 46
IK3220 200 40 100 1:1 18 0.37 1.38 0.75 3.0 56
IK3230 300 40 100 1:1 18 0.55 2.2 1.1 4.5 58
IK3345 450 48 150 1:1 24 1.1 4.0 1.1 4.5 110
IK3360 600 48 150 1:1 24 1.5 4.12     112
IK3490 900 60 200 1:1 24 2.2 5.25     140
IK3412 1200 60 200 1:1 24 3.0 7.9     142
IK3518 1800 70 325 22.5:1 24 4.0 8.87     250
IK3525 2500 70 325 22.5:1 24 5.5 12.05     255
IK3635 3500 75 700 20:1 18 7.5 15.6     330
IK3650 5000 75 700 20:1 18 11.0 20.5     350
IK3780 8000 80   50:1 18 11.0 15.6      
IK3710 10000 100   50:1 18 13.0 20.5      

Notes:We supply the electric actuators of other rotational speeds according to the user's requirements:12/18/24/30/36/42/48/60(r/min) etc.

For more details, please download the catalogue for reference or contact with us.

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