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Greatork Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator

Greatork Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator AVA01~ AVA10 can actuate control valves, such as globe valves, gate valves, sluice valves, penstock,pinch valve,dampers/shut valve,etc. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with BA bevel gearbox with Max toruqe of 850,000Nm. AVA01~ AVA10 combined with ZJ worm gearbox for large torque ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers,can reach Max toruqe of 110,000Nm Multi-turn Actuator AVA01~ AVA10 torque range is from 45Nm to 2500Nm (35ft-lbf to 1843ft-lbf). For higher torque, they shall combined with BA bevel gearbox or ZJ worm gearbox. Voltage Supply:110Vac ~ 660Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, single or three phase. Enclosure Protection: IP68, Double-seated structure. IsolationClass F, Class H (optional) Output Speed: 18/21rpm ~ 96/115rpm, Optional Function: Modulating I/O signal 4 - 20mA (AVAM01 ~ AVAM06) Explosion Proof,water tight(IP68) Fieldbus System: Modbus, Profibus, etc.

Greatork Intelligent Multi-turn Electric Actuator

The actuators accepts 4-20mADC input signal to achieve position and process control, and use an absolute type, linear position sensing device provides 4-20mADC valve position feedback. Analog input signal with electrical isolation, short circuit protection, open circuit detection, and can be non-polar connection, user-friendly field wiring and commissioning. The control module uses solid state starter for three-phase or single-phase power supply, meet at least 1200 starts / hour requirement.

  • accuracy: ± 1%
  • linear: ± 0.5% (relative to the full trip)
  • deadband: 0.3% to 5%, adjustable in 0.1% increments (factory default setting: 0.8%)
  • delay time: 1 second
  • input impedance: 300Ω
  • drift: <± 200ppm
  • invert: 4-20mA (20mA=fully open)or 20-4mA (4mA=fully open) (factory default setting: 20mA = fully open)
  • lost signal action: When the input signal is lost, the actuators move to fully open position, fully closed position, the pre-specified location, or stop at the current position (factory default setting: Stop at the current position)

Loss of Signal: Input signal <= 2mA  

Signal disconnection: Input signal <= 0.5mA 

Signal overrun: Input signal >= 30mA

Greatork actuator adopts double seal protection design, the shell is completely waterproof, dustproof and airtight, up to the highest degree of protection IP68. Dual seal design allows electrical chamber and terminal chamber is completely isolated. When opening the terminal cover wiring in initial installation period, it can continue to protect the electrical components of the chamber.


  1. Product Name:  Multi-Turn Modulating Actuator
  2. Power Supply: Single Phase or Three Phase, Maximum Voltage: 480 Volt, Frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  3. Material: Aluminum Casting
  4. Type: Regulating Type, Field Bus 
  5. Work Mode: S4-25% duty, 1200 starts/hour
  6. Torque: 45N.m to 3500N.m 
  7. Output speed:8 to 144rpm
  8. Motor Insulation Class: F Class, H Class can be customized
  9. Protection Grade: IP 68 
  10. Explosion Proof Protection: Exd II BT4/ CT4(some product can reach Exd II CT 6) 
  11. Cable Inlet: Explosion Proof- 1 * NPT 1.5",2 NPT 1" 
  12. Environmental Temperature: -30 ℃-70℃(Standard),Maximum 125 ℃ ,while Minimum -50 ℃ 
  13. Coating: Phosphoric acid pickling,Surface electrostaic spray 
  14. Joint Type: Flange, comply with ISO 5211 
  15. Certification: ATEX, CE, etc 
  16. Application: Mainly for Control Valve to control the flow condition  

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