Electric Actuator

DF Integrated Multi-turn Electric Actuator

Integrated normal type and integrated explosion type multi-turn electric valve actuators consist of ZB5~ZB40,ZC45~250 and ZB5B~ZB40B, ZC45B~ZC250B electric valve actuators and additional electric control elements. And ZC350~ZC1000BZ actuators are combined with ZC180~250BZ actuators and additional gear reducers. With control module and big capacity contactors built in, these series electric valve actuators need no more electric control box. And so they are small in size and of complete functions (provided withautomatic correction of phase sequence, protection of phase-lacking automatic correction of phase sequence, protection of phase-lacking, four modes of remote control, and the function of emergent valve shut in addition), simple in installation and wiring (once the 3-phase power supply is connected, can local operation be carried out), easy to maintain and repair (electric circuit is controlled by DC 24V voltage, electric elements are connected one another with plugs and sockets).

DF Integrated Multi-turn Electric Actuator 

Service Environment and Main Technical Parameters

  1. Power Supply

Remote Control: DC 24V, minimum value for “on” of control signal gate is 20V, and maximum value for “off” is 1.5V; actuating current of control signal is 15 mA (approximate the load of 1.6kΩ, 0.36W).

  1. Service Environment
    1. Flameproof type: according to the standard, these actuators are provided with Class dI (as electric apparatus for colliery mine) and Class dIIBT4 (for plant and works).Class dIIBT4 is suitable to the atmosphere of explosive gases mixture specified by groups T1~T4 of Class IIA and Class IIB. Class dIICT4 is for special order (for details, see Std GB3836.1—2000 ELECTRICAL APPARTAS FOR EXPLOSIVE GAS ATMOSPHERES—PART I:GENERAL REQUIREMENTS ).
    2. Normal type: no corrosive, flammable or explosive media.
    3. Ambient temperature: -20~60℃.
    4. Relative humidity: ≤90% (at 25℃).
    5. Protection: IP55 (IP67 for special order).

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