Control Valve

Self-operated Regulator Valve

Self-operated regulator valve is mainly used to control pressure, temperature and flow of vapors and other industrial liquids. During its work, it can carry out the control through the medium itself without the need of using external energy. The product is provided with the built-in bellows balanced structure with excellent control performance and agile response to medium changes. This product can serve as an important part in a system to ensure efficiency and stability of the system through its outstanding performance.

Self-operated Regulator Valve



Pressure Rating:PN1.6、4.0(ANSI 150、300)

Model No.:30D01Y,30D02Y,30D03Y,30D04Y,30D12Y etc.


Main material:Cast iron,WCB, CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M.etc

Plug material:Stainless steel,Stainless steel(Hard seal), embedded with rubber ring(Soft seal)

Pressure balancing:Stainless steel bellows (DN15~125), balanced diaphragm(DN150~250)

Applications:Control flow, pressure, temperature, etc

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Self-operated Regulator Valve

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