Control Valve

Electric Straight Through Control Valve

Electric Straight Through control valve is actuating unit of electrical unit combined apparatus. It receives direct current signal from regulating apparatus and change flow of mediums directly (e.g. liquid, gas, steam, etc.) to keep controlled technological parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.) at setting values. Electric Straight Through control valve is PS series or 3810L series straight stroke electric actuator and low flow resistance through single seat valve. (can also be equipped with other brands direct travel agencies). Electric actuator for electronic integrated structure, a servo amplifier, the input control signal (4-20mADC or 1-5VDC) and the power to control the valve, it can regulate the parameters of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature etc.

Electric Straight Through control valve


Size:1/2''-20'' or larger

Pressure Rating:PN1.6、4.0、6.3Mpa(ANSI 150、300、600LB)

Signal input:4-20mA,3-15psi

Structure type:single seat,double seat,sleeve,lined PTFE


Main materilas:WCB, CF8,CF8M,etc

Flow Characteristics:Linear,Equal-percentage,Quick-open

Applications:Control flow, pressure, temperature, etc

Technical parameter

Design Standard:ANSI/ASME B16.34,JB/T7387

End Connectionn:ANSI/ASME B16.5,HG/T20592,JIS B22220

Face to Face:Manufacturers

Leakage Standard:ANSI/ASME B16.104,JB/T7387

Pressure-Temperature Ratings:ANSI/ASME B16.34-2009,GB/T12224-2005

DN25 PN40 electric control valve Technical drawing

Electric control Valves.jpg

Valve cover type

Electric single seat control valve

  1. Low Temperature Type
  2. Insulation Type
  3. Bellows Seal Type
  4. High Temperature Heat Dissipation Type

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