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Wafer Single Plate Lift Check Valve

Single plate wafer lift check valves prevent reverse flow with disc movement that is parallel with the flow. With this design, the disc is always in the flow path. Discs are spring-loaded to assist in seating. These single plate wafer type lift check valves are bonnetless and are installed between flanges. The type of check valve disc has very short disc travel and responds very quickly to flow stoppage or reversal, thus minimizing the potential for water hammer. It is somewhat better than the tilting disc check valve at minimizing potential water hammer, but with a higher pressure drop. Depending on the design, all wafer check valves must be removed from the line to perform maintenance due to the bonnetless design. The in-line disc design produces the most pressure drop when compared to other check valves of the same size.

Wafer single plate lift check valve


Size: 1/2"~10",DN15~DN250

Pressure Rating: Class150~Class900,PN10~PN160

Main Material:WCB,LCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,A890 4A,A890 5A

Spring Material:316,Inconel x750,Inconel 718 etc


Design Standard:API594,API 6D,ASME B16.34

Face to Face:API 594,API 6D,ASME B16.10

End Connection:ASME B16.5,DIN 2501,BS4504

Testing Standard:API 598,API6D,DIN 3230

Note:TANA the Max dimension of Single plate Wafer Lift Check Valve is 10" ;Above 10" please choose dual plate check valve

H71 single plate wafer lift check valve(ANSI standard) Dimension and weight

Wafer Single Plate Lift Check Valve

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