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DIN Lift Check Valve

DIN lift Check Valves are the valves of stopping the fluid from backflow. The disc can be opened by the pressure of fluid.And then the fluid runs from the inlet to the outlet side.When the pressure of inlet is less than outlet ,the disc can be closed automatically and stop the fluid from backflow. (Rational Structures,Reliable Sealing;Hard-alloy seal ,Long Life)

DIN Lift Check Valve:

Technical Specifications

  1. Design Standard: DIN EN13709-2003
  2. Face to Face Dimension: DIN, EN588-1:1995
  3. End Flange Dimension: DIN EN1092-1:2002
  4. Structures: Lift Type
  5. Material of Body: GS-C25, S.S 304, S.S 316
  6. Pressure Rating: PN16, PN25, PN40
  7. Test Standard: DIN EN12266:2003

DIN lift check valve main dimension(mm)

DIN Lift Check Valve

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