Butterfly Valve

GI/GIQ/GIDSeries Pneumatic High Vacuum Butterfly Valve

Vacuum butterfly valve has high flow conductivity for turn on or cut off the vacuum airflow. The applicable media is air and non-corrosive gas. In order to get the control automatically. a) GI type manual or worm gear operated valve has multiple open and close locking function, angle degree of the plate is 0º-90º. b) GIQ type pneumatic vacuum butterfly valve operated by compressed air and through electromagnetic device to change the airflow control the actuator rotated then drive the valve open or closed. Actuator can be double acting and single-acting spring return type, also can driven intelligent positioner through the external input signal to control the pneumatic driving. c) GID series electric butterfly valve operated by electrical device to drive the valve plate to open or closed. Electric actuator is passive contact type as factory setting, can be optional on-off and regulating control type to achieve adjusting control.

Main Technical Performance

Scope Of Application 105~6.7×10-5Pa(GI/GIQ/GIDSeries)
Valve Leakage Rate ≤1.3×10-5Pa.L/S
  Medium Temperature -25~+80ºC (NBR) -30~+150ºC (Viton)
Installation Status Any
Opening And Closing Angle (Manual) 0~90° (GI Series)
Air Pressure (Pneumatic Actuator) 0.4~0.6MPa (GIQ Series)
Operating time (Electric Actuator) 10s、20s、30s (GID Series)
Power Supply Generally:AC220V/50HZ Optional:AC110V、DC24V
Body、Disc、Stem Carbon Steel、Stainless Steel
Seal NBR、Viton

Materials of Main Parts

Body, bonnet and stem: carbon steel or stainless steel

Sealing element: NBR, Viton

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