Butterfly Valve

ANSI/DIN Ventilation Butterfly Valve For Fume Gas

Ventilation butterfly using the same material into the valve body seals, the applicable temperature varies depending on the selection valve, nominal pressure ≤ 0.6MPa, generally applicable to industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, regulating media flow conduit for ventilation purposes, its main features is:1. Novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, open and close quickly.2.Operating torque is small, easy to operate, smart victory.3. Using materials adapted to meet different medium temperature and corrosive media.

Ventilation butterfly valve Specifications

Electric actuator specifications

  • power supply: 380VAC / 3phase / 50Hz , 220VAC / single phase / 50Hz
  • Power output torque: 100~12000 Nm
  • Output rotating speed: 7.5~30 S/90deg
  • Stroking range: 90°±10°
  • Protection level: IP67 (GB4028-84)
  • anti-hazard classification: ExdIIBT4(GB3836.1-84,GB3836.2-84)
  • Temperature: - 30 ~ + 70 °C

ventilation valve specifications

  1. PN≤ 0.6Mpa DN100-3000mm
  2. Temp.: ≤300℃
  3. Medium: air, air with dust
  4. leakage:<1.5%
  5. Operated type: manual, electric, pneumatic
  6. Design &manufacture:JB/T8692-2013
  7. Flange ends:GB/T 9113-2010
  8. Inspetion&Testing:GB/T13927

Ventilation butterfly valve Materials of Main Parts:

Name Material
Body Q235
Operation Lever,pneumatic ,electric
Seat Q235
Yoke Q235
Stem 304
Body Q235
Packing High temperature graphite
Packing bushing Q235

Ventilation butterfly valve Main Performance Parameters:

DN(mm) Nominal Diameter 50~4000
PN(mpa) Nominal Pressure 0.05 0.10 0.25 0.6
Testing pressure Shell 0.075 0.15 0.375 0.9
Sealing Closed Type 0.055 0.11 0.275 0.66
No closed type ≤1.5% leakage
Suitable mediums Gas,dust gases,flue gas,etc
Drive forms Manual, worm gear,pneumatic,electirc transmission

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