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Top entry ball valve

TANA developed an advanced design of the top entry ball valves in a complete wide range of diameters and pressure classes. Top entry valves are the perfect choice when on line maintenance is required. It is possible to remove the bonnet of the Top entry valve allowing free access to the body cavity without dismantling the valve from the line. A set of special maintenance tools permits to take out both ball and seat-rings; this maintenance operation requires very little space around the valve, thus allowing it in areas where space is a limiting factor. Top Entry construction is available in forged or cast execution, one piece symmetric body closed by a bolted bonnet. The range includes both Full and Reduced bore, pressure ANSI class from 150 to 2500 , with all possible combination of ENDS connections: flanged (RF-RTJ), butt welding and HUB ends.

Top entry ball valve


The top entry ball valve is mainly used on pipelines and industrial systems. It has such advantages as top online maintenance function, small fluid resistance, simple structure, reliable sealing, convenient operation and maintenance, rapid on-off operation, flexible opening and closing, etc. The driving modes include manual operation, worm and worm gear transmission, pneumatic operation and electric operation. The connection ends can be flange or butt welding.

Top entry ball valve Features

  • Full Port Design and Reduce Port Design
  • Bolted Bonnet,One-Piece Body
  • Top Entry Pattern Type
  • Blow-Out Proof Stem
  • Fire-Safe Durable Construction
  • Anti-Static Device
  • ISO5211 Mounting Pad-Top Flange
  • Flanged or Butt Welding Ends
  • Available with all types of actuators

Top entry ball valve Specifications

Design STD: API 6D,BS 5351,ASME/ANSI B16.34

Face To Face: ASME B16.10

Flange End Connection: ASME/ANSI B16.5

Welded End Connection: ASME/ANSI B16.25

Size: 1/2" to 32"

Pressure: 150LB to 2500LB

Fire Safe: API 607

Inspection And Test: API598、API6D

Top entry ball valve Structure features

  1. Integral structure

The body adopts the integral structure, so as to ensure that it has enough strength and rigidity under the maximum rated working pressure. The valve trims have been carefully designed and selected to ensure reliability under various service conditions. The sufficient wall thickness and the connection bolts of high strength are very helpful to the maintenance and servicing of valves and are able to endure pipelines stress.

  1. Top Entry Structure

The vale adopts the top entry structure. The most distinctive difference between this kind of valve and others is that the online maintenance function can be realized without the need of removing the valve from the pipeline. The seat adopts the concession type seat structure, and the rear end of the seat retainer is set as oblique angle to prevent impurities accumulated on the seat from influencing the concession of seat.

Top entry ball valve

Top entry ball valve

Top entry ball valve

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