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Segment V Port Ball Valve

V port Segment ball valve is a quarter-turn control valve. V port valve core is designed with a special V shape notch. Segment ball valve is one type of ball valves, its closure is a half ball with V port which has sharp edges. during operation the valve, friction action will be occurred between its closures that producing a strong shearing force to the medium, and a fan-shaped area will be formed between V port of the ball and the port of seat ring, so the section are of flow port can be changed, and the medium can be precisely regulated. it is a kind of regulating valve with angel rotation, having same sealing performance as common ball valves, so it simultaneously has both functions of regulating and on-off . Incorporating with pneumatic or electric actuators, it can be widely used in the automatic control systems in different industries.

V port ball valve Description

The segmented ball valve,also named V Type Cut-Off Valve.It is quarter-turn control valve,which is designed with a special V shape notch. This provides strong shear force and precise flow control.So,V type ball valve is especially suitable for medium which contains fiber or solid particles.

Valve Body Integrated body design ensures smooth flow, easy assembly and smaller shell leakage possibility.

Both wafer and flange connection are available.

Closure member:Specially designed V-notch ball provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.

Ball&Seat Hard chromium plated, nitrigen Treatment, and HCOF treatments are all available for the ball surface treatment, improving hardness, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and performance under high temperature.

Seat:Metal, RTFE or Devlon are available for seat options.

Segment V port ball valve Features:

  1. The V type disc assures smooth and accurate throttling actions on a wide range of applications ,such as paper pulp With the pneumatic actuator and positioner,the valve can provides automatic control for flow,temperature,pressure
  2. Blow-out Proof Stem
  3. ISO Integral Mounting Flange
  4. Anti-Static Construction
  5. Fugitive Emission Control Device

Segment V Port Ball Valve

Segment V port Ball Valve technical parameter


  • DN 25~250mm NPS 1”-10” wafer type
  • DN 25~500mm NPS 1”-20” flanged type

Pressure Rating:

  • PN 10/16/25/40/63
  • ANSI 150/300/600

Actuator :

  • Handle/Worm Gear
  • Pneumatic/Electric

Body Material: A216WCB,A352LCB,LCC,A351CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,A890 4A,A890 5A,A890 6A, HastelloyA,Hastelloy B,Hastelloy C,20 Alloy

Disc&Ball: A182 F304+Hcr/SFNI/Tungsten Carbide(WC)/Chromium Carbide

Seat Material: Soft seal: 304/316+Devlon

Metal seal:304/316+STL

Standard flange connection:ASME B16.5 (class 150);EN1092-1:2001

Seal level:

  • Metal Seat: Class IV per IEC 60534-4 /ANSI/ FCI 70-2
  • Soft Seat:Class VI per IEC 60534-4 / ANSI / FCI 70-2


Application:Oil,Chemical,Petrochemical,Metallurgical,Light industry,Refinery,Power station,Food,Pharmaceutical,Paper making,Mining etc.

Main tag:150lb,300lb,600lb,800lb v port ball valve, v pattern ball valve.

Structure for different metal seat and soft seat.

Segment V Port Ball Valve

V type ball valve main materials list

Segment V Port Ball Valve

Pneumatic V Type Segment Ball Valve:

  • Pneumatic Accessories:
  • Actuator and Accessries:Pneumatic:Double Acting,Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator.Electric Actuator:Explosive-Proof,Non-Explosive Proof.
  • Solenoid: (FESTO,AirTAC,HERION,ASCO,UNIWO,SMC),or up on customer request.
  • Positioner:(YTC,ABB, SIEMENS,AZBIL)or up on customer request.
  • Limit Switch(OUMRON,FESTO,IFM,P+F).
  • Open-Close Position indicator
  • Filters

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