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3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve

3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve with high performance structure, have kinds of end connecting such as 3 piece threaded ball valve, 3 piece butt-welded ball valve, 3 piece socket-welded ball valve, 3piece clamped ball valve, 3piece flanged ball valve, 3piece high pressure ball valve etc. Mainly used to cut off or adjust the direction of the medium in pipeline, the 3 piece ball valve provides ease of operation with quarter-turn 90 degree open to close, and convenient for pneumatic control and electrical control.

3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Full port, 1/4"~4" (DN8~DN100)
  • Working pressure.: 1000 WOG ,2000WOG
  • Working Temp.:-20℃ ~200℃ (-4℉~392℉)
  • Investment casting
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Anit-static device (option)
  • Locking device


Design:GB/T12237,ANSI B16.34 ,EN12516-1

Face to face:GB/T9113.1,ASME B16.1,JIS B2002(ASME B16.1),EN558-1 F4/F5(DIN3202 F4/F5)

Flanged end:ASME B16.5,EN1092-1,JISB2238 10k

Thread type: ASME B1.20.1 (NPT) DIN2999 & BS21 ISO7/1 & EN10226


For more details, please download the catalogue for reference or contact with us.

3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve3 piece thread ball valve.pdf

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