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Control valve

  • Self-operated Regulator Valve
    Self-operated regulator valve is mainly used to control pressure, temperature and flow of vapors and other industrial liquids. During its work, it can carry out the control through the medium itself without the need of using external energy. The product is provided with the built-in bellows balanced structure with excellent control performance and agile response to medium changes. This product can serve as an important part in a system to ensure efficiency and stability of the system through its outstanding performance.
  • Cage single-seat Control Valve(analogous to "Fisher")
    Cage single-seat Control Valve(analogous to "Fisher") adopts the cage guided structure and pressure balanced plug. It is suitable for applications with relatively high differential pressure. The balanced seal ring replaces the upper seat to change the traditional cage double-seat structure into the cage single-seat structure. This improvement has greatly enhanced the shut-off class of the cage valve. The plug makes use of the pressure balanced structure, the opening and closing force is low and the media under service conditions with high differential pressure can be controlled through relatively low actuator thrust. It is widely used for fluid control on pipelines of middle and low temperatures and middle and low pressures that require good dynamic stability. With such features as good sealing performance, high allowable differential pressure, cage guiding, large guiding area, good stability and compact structure.
  • Pneumatic Diaphragm Straight Through Control Valve
    Pneumatic diaphragm straight through Control Valve is light in weight,accurate and efficient,It is a new-geraration regulating valve developed on the basis of domestic and oversea sophisticated designing technology,abundant manufacturing experience and advanced structure,which accord with IEC standard. pneumatic diaphragm straight through is one of the most widely-used and most important products in production process control systems.In this series products,pneumatic single set control valve,penumatic sleeve type control valve,pneumatic double seat control valve is one of the universal products for user to select.It applies to the process control system of general fluid mediums and technical conditions.
    Except the common advantages of pneumatic instruments,pneumatic diaphragm straight through control valve also has reliable action characteristics,accurate floow characteristics,broad adjustable range,stable operability and tiny leakage rate.
  • 3 way converging/diverging control valve
    3 way converging/diverging control valve adopts the cage guided structure and pressure unbalanced plug. It is mainly used for converging or diverging media of several flow channels. Entering from two channels and exiting from one channel is called three-way converging, and conversely, entering from one channel and exiting from two channels is called diverging. The three-way valve can also play the pipe shut-off and opening function. The standard converging/diverging design is the unbalanced double-seat trim structure. In addition, special cages with noise reduction and anti-cavitation functions can also be designed according to the service conditions.
  • Electric Straight Through control valve
    Electric Straight Through control valve is actuating unit of electrical unit combined apparatus. It receives direct current signal from regulating apparatus and change flow of mediums directly (e.g. liquid, gas, steam, etc.) to keep controlled technological parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.) at setting values. Electric Straight Through control valve is PS series or 3810L series straight stroke electric actuator and low flow resistance through single seat valve. (can also be equipped with other brands direct travel agencies). Electric actuator for electronic integrated structure, a servo amplifier, the input control signal (4-20mADC or 1-5VDC) and the power to control the valve, it can regulate the parameters of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature etc.

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​Company:Wenzhou Topnotch Machine Co.,Ltd. 

Address:Dongyang Rd., Heyi Industrial Zone,Oubei Town, Yongjia County,Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China 325105

Contact Person:
  Mr. Kevin Tung 

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