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Ball valve

  • 2 piece flanged floating ball valve with ISO 5211 mounting pad
    2 piece flanged floating ball valves feature a high quality investment cast body and end. They are available in 1/2” through 6” and are regular port. Superior leak protection is accomplished by using our patented “pyramidal” stem seal system shown in the graphic below. This advanced system protects against wear and leakage experienced by ordinary ball valves.Two-piece Body, Floating Ball,Buint-in ISO5211 direct mounting pad,Full silicasol technology Full bore,Blow out Proof Stem Fire safe design Anti-static devices for ball-stem body.
  • 2 Piece Floating Ball Valve
    2 Piece Floating Ball Valve is a valve with its ball floating (not fixed by a trunnion) inside the valve body, it drifts toward to the downstream side and tightly pushes against the seat under the medium pressure to ensure sealing reliability. The floating ball valve has simple structure, good sealing performance but the seat material is required to withstand the workload since the sealing pressure is bared by the seat ring. Due to unavailability of high performance seat material, floating ball valve is mainly used in middle or low pressure application. TANA floating ball valve series featuring 2PC split body side entry or uni body, a very popular design in floating ball valve.
  • Casted Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
    Casted Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve are designed in accordance with API6D featuring 2 pc or 3 pc split body side entry or top entry design. Wide range of sealing material including PTFE, Peek, Devlon, Nylon etc, valve can be used in working temperature range -46℃~ 500℃. This series of valves are optional designed with Double block and bleed or double piston type. All valves are equipped with sealant injection system for both stem and seats to allow external intervention to prevent seat or stem leakage. The top entry ball valve can be used for in-line maintenance services. TANA full range of trunnion mounted ball valves fire safe test BS EN12266. API607 and API6FA.
  • 3 Piece Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
    3 Piece Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve are designed in accordance with API 6D for class 150,300,600,900,1500,3 piece forged steel side entry design bolted connections between body and closure, trunnion bolted connection,body thickness comply with ANSI B16.34. Seat ring is trunnion mounted type,spring loaded to assure the contact with ball in order to provide an effective tight seal even at low differential pressure between cavity and downstream closure. Standard design is soft seated, A different soft materials are available based on the customer working condition. Available in full and reduced Bore. Electric,pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are available based on customer requirement. Valves have been designed for use with various combinations of materials such as:Carbon steel .low carbon steel, special alloy,stainless steel. Monel,Inconel.
  • Segment V Port Ball Valve
    V port Segment ball valve is a quarter-turn control valve. V port valve core is designed with a special V shape notch. Segment ball valve is one type of ball valves, its closure is a half ball with V port which has sharp edges. during operation the valve, friction action will be occurred between its closures that producing a strong shearing force to the medium, and a fan-shaped area will be formed between V port of the ball and the port of seat ring, so the section are of flow port can be changed, and the medium can be precisely regulated. it is a kind of regulating valve with angel rotation, having same sealing performance as common ball valves, so it simultaneously has both functions of regulating and on-off . Incorporating with pneumatic or electric actuators, it can be widely used in the automatic control systems in different industries.
  • Full welded ball valve
    Full Welded Ball Valve is an isolation valve. It adopts trunnion mounted ball, forged metal parts, fully welded body design. The forged metal ensures the quality of the body and trim. The fully welded bonnet ensures the strength and rigidity of the valve while eliminates the possibility of medium leakage. The double floating seats and bi-directional sealing design adopts unique two layer soft sealing and metal to metal sealing, the triple sealing structure ensures the reliable sealing performance with low torque and easy operation. This type ball valve is widely used on oil & gas pipeline and liquefied gas, coal gas, petrochemical, chemical, refinery, medicine, mining, etc
  • Flanged 3 way ball valve
    3 way ball valve is used for dividing or mixing fluids and other special working media.including Full Bore and Reduced Bore 3-Way, 2-Seats,”L” Port Available with soft seats or metal seats. Each offers a range of performance suitable to many applications also 3 Way Top Entry, 4-Seats, “L” Port and “T” Port Used for diverting or mixing fluids. The 4-seat design offers additional port arrangements. A greater Cv value is achieved in most sizes. Media trapped in the valve cavity is reduced substantially with additional seats.The special 3-Way, 4-Seats, “L” Port and “T” Port used for diverting or mixing fluids. The 4 seats design offers additional port arrangements. A greater Cv value is achieved in most sizes. Media trapped in the valve cavity is reduced substantially with additional seats.
  • 120 Degree 135 Degree Y Type 3 Way Ball Valves
    3 way ball valve 120 degrees Y-type way ball valve with each other to 120°,135° two kinds of body structure, Y-type 3 way ball valve flow smooth, fluid resistance small, with strong flow ability. When switching medium without retention and will not cause secondary pollution. Complete with electric actuator, pneumatic actuator to realize automation control.
  • ​2 Piece Thread Ball Valve
    ​2 Piece Thread Ball Valve is probably the most widely used ball valve in general applications. Suitable for just about any application where a simple on/off action is needed. 2 piece ball valve will open or shut off flow on most liquids and gases quickly and easily. Also referred to as a two-way ball valve, since it allows flow in any direction straight through from inlet to outlet. The two piece ball valve has one body joint for cleaning and servicing, making it easier to clean than the 1 piece valve. Since the body is composed of two pieces, a larger ball is installed which makes this a full bore or full port ball valve. The 2 SS ball valve is threaded with FNPT on either end for easy pipe connection.
  • 3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve
    3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve with high performance structure, have kinds of end connecting such as 3 piece threaded ball valve, 3 piece butt-welded ball valve, 3 piece socket-welded ball valve, 3piece clamped ball valve, 3piece flanged ball valve, 3piece high pressure ball valve etc. Mainly used to cut off or adjust the direction of the medium in pipeline, the 3 piece ball valve provides ease of operation with quarter-turn 90 degree open to close, and convenient for pneumatic control and electrical control.
  • 3 piece Forged floating Ball Valve
    3 piece Forged floating Ball Valve are rugged & compact in design. TANA Controls manufacturing a different types of Industrial Forged Steel Ball Valve in Regular (Reduced) and Standard Bore (Full bore) with Screwed End, Socket Weld End & Butt Weld (Welded Neck) End Connection.TANA Controls Forged Steel Valves available in Pressure Rating up to 800lb/1500lb/2500lb and size range from (DN15) to 2 (DN 50) in reduced port and from 3/8 to DN 40 in full port design with variety of body, and trim materials.
  • ​2 Piece Spring Return Ball Valve
    ​​2 Piece Spring Return Ball Valve is made of stainless steel and has a spring-return lever handle and female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded connections on both ends. This valve is made of stainless steel for resistance to corrosion and has a stainless steel spring-return handle with a vinyl sleeve for manual on/off control. This valve closes automatically when its spring-return lever is released, ensuring that the valve is open only when an operator is at hand. The maximum pressure is 2,000 pounds per square inch (gauge) (psig) for water, oil, and gas (WOG) for 1/4” to 1” valves, 1,500 psig for 1-1/4” to 2” valves, and 150 psig for all sizes for saturated steam. The valve is inline for connecting two pipes going in the same direction and has NPT threads on both ends for creating tighter seals than straight threads. Multifill polytetrafluoroethylene (MPTFE) reinforced seats and stem packing reduce the risk of valve leakage.
  • Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve
    DBB Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves have been solving many fluid control problems in water, potable water and general industrial applications for over 30 years. Today TANA Technologies is putting that experience to work for you in more ways than ever before-meeting your changing requirements with dependable TANA D.B.B Ball Valves and accessories. TANA D.B.B Ball Valves are Designed and manufactured strictly to International Standards API 6D, ASME B16.34, BS 5351 or Equivalent, Featured with compact structure & Tight Shut-off service, Designed with Fire-safe, Anti-static and Blow-out, Available in both Full and regular ports.
  • Top entry ball valve
    TANA developed an advanced design of the top entry ball valves in a complete wide range of diameters and pressure classes. Top entry valves are the perfect choice when on line maintenance is required. It is possible to remove the bonnet of the Top entry valve allowing free access to the body cavity without dismantling the valve from the line. A set of special maintenance tools permits to take out both ball and seat-rings; this maintenance operation requires very little space around the valve, thus allowing it in areas where space is a limiting factor.
    Top Entry construction is available in forged or cast execution, one piece symmetric body closed by a bolted bonnet. The range includes both Full and Reduced bore, pressure ANSI class from 150 to 2500 , with all possible combination of ENDS connections: flanged (RF-RTJ), butt welding and HUB ends.

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​Company:Wenzhou Topnotch Machine Co.,Ltd. 

Address:Dongyang Rd., Heyi Industrial Zone,Oubei Town, Yongjia County,Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China 325105

Contact Person:
  Mr. Kevin Tung 

Tel: +86-577-67318591 67318935


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