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Steam Traps

  • Lever Ball Float Type Steam Traps
    Ball float steam traps have an integral air vent as standard and the options of a manually adjustable needle valve and drain cock tapping,the Ball floating range is adaptable to all applications where ball float traps are recommended and instantaneous removal of condensate is required.
  • Thermodynamic Steam Traps
    The TANA Thermostatic Steam Traps & Thermodynamic Steam Traps are available with balanced-pressure bellows or wafer-type elements, which are constructed in a variety of materials in both stainless steel and carbon steel. These traps are used on applications with very light condensate loads.
  • HRF3 High temperature and high pressure Disc type steam traps
    Generally TD42 Thermodynamic Steam Trap and other Y Type Thermodynamic Steam Trap can only be used for Pressure Class 150-PN16-PN63, But High Temperature and High Pressure Disc Type Thermodynamic Steam Trap can be used for pressure PN100 and above.. The working temperature of this Disc Type Steam Trap can also be used for high pressure which is higher than 450 Deg C and above. So it's often applied for saturated steam main pipeline with high temperature and high pressure and in critical state of steam in turbine.
  • Free float ball type steam traps
    Free float steam trap is one of the most advanced traps since its ability of timely discharge of the condensed water in the pipelines and heating equipment. This trap has an extensive application in petroleum, chemical industry, light textile, printing, pharmacy, paper making, foods and mines.Continues discharging saturation condensed water without accumulation, and so get the maximum thermal efficiency.When steam pressure changes, the ball float can adjust the opening of valve seat without influence, and so it is stable.With automatic and manual releaser, and so its exhaust performance is good without airlock and working is smooth without noise.
  • Inverted bucket steam traps
    The inverted bucket is the most reliable steam trap operating principle known. The heart of its simple design is a unique leverage system that multiplies the force provided by the bucket to open the valve against pressure. inverted bucket steam traps open and close based on the difference in density between condensate and steam-the inverted bucket principle. They open and close gently, minimizing wear. This simple fact means that inverted buckets are subject to less wear than some other types of traps.Inverted Bucket Steam Traps belong to the family of mechanical traps. They operate on the difference in density between steam and water.
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Contact Us

​Company:Wenzhou Topnotch Machine Co.,Ltd. 

Address:Dongyang Rd., Heyi Industrial Zone,Oubei Town, Yongjia County,Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China 325105

Contact Person:
  Mr. Kevin Tung 

Tel: +86-577-67318591 67318935



MB: 86-18906638592

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