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Electric actuator

  • ODL series rotary electric actuator
    "ODL" series electric actuator is used for controlling 0°~270° rotation of the valves and other similar products, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, damper, flapper valves, cock valves, etc. It’s widely used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment, shipping, paper making, power plants, heating, light industry and other industries. It drives by 380V/220V/110V AC power. Control signal is 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V DC voltage signal, enables move the valve to the desired position, achieving its automation, maximum output torque is up to 4000N·m..
  • Rotork actuator, original Electric Multi-turn and quarter-turn actuator
    All IQ actuators are set up non-intrusively using a Rotork setting tool.Torque levels,position limits,control and indication functions can all be accessed using the intrinsically safe,wireless handheld setting tool.IQ multi-turn 3-phase electric actuators designed for isolation or regulation duties(S2&S3/class A&B) of up to 60 starts per hour.Direct torque output range from 34 Nm(25 lbf.ft)to 3000Nm(2200 lbf.ft) with the addition of second stage gearboxes,multi-turn output torque up to 43,000 Nm(31,715 lbf.ft) and quarter turn up to 1,000,000 Nm737,561 lbf.ft)are availble.
  • ZC (B) Z-type multi-turn series electric actuator 380V 50HZ
    Whole-general, the overall number of rotary-type explosion-proof electrical equipment by the valve ZC45 ~ 250 (B) electric valve control device attached electrical components, and ZC350 ~ ZC1000BZ by ZC180 ~ 250BZ slow device stacking components. This series of valve control module built-in electrical devices, high-capacity contact, can no longer use the electronic control box, it has a small, full-function (with the addition of automatic identification and lack of sequence with protection, remote control in four ways , Plus an emergency valve clearance function), simple to install wiring (only access three-phase power lines can operate at the scene), to facilitate maintenance (DC24V voltage electrical circuit through the control of electrical components used between the connected Connecto r), etc.
  • Multi-turn Modulating 3-phase electric actuator
    Multi-turn Actuator AVA01 ~ AVA10 can actuate control valves, such as Globe valves, Gate valves, sluice valves, penstock,pinch valve,dampers/shut valve,etc. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with BA bevel gearbox with Max toruqe of 850,000Nm. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with ZJ worm gearbox for large torque ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers,can reach Max toruqe of 110,000Nm Multi-turn Actuator AVA01 ~ AVA10 torque range is from 45Nm to 2500Nm (35ft-lbf to 1843ft-lbf). For higher torque, they shall combined with BA bevel gearbox or ZJ worm gearbox. Voltage Supply: 110Vac ~ 660Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, single or three phase. Enclosure Protection: IP68, Double-seated structure. IsolationClass F, Class H (optional) Output Speed: 18/21rpm ~ 96/115rpm, Optional Function: Modulating I/O signal 4 - 20mA (AVAM01 ~ AVAM06) Explosion Proof,water tight(IP68) Fieldbus System: Modbus, Profibus, etc.
  • Electric actuator for control valve
    The 3810 L series linear travel electric actuator is driven by the 200 single phase alternating current power supply. Receiving the control signal (DC4~ 20mA or DC1~5V) from the regulator, it can not only provide almost all kinds of the transforming function that the valve itself requires but also valve's open degree signal function and manual function. So it is widely used in the industry sectors such as metallurgy, petrochemistry, light industry and environmental protection.
  • OHQ Series Rotary Explosion proof Electric Actuator
    OHQ Series are explosion-proof, intelligent quarter turn electric actuators for the accurate control of valves with torques up to 2000 N.m. OHQ explosion-proof is designed for on/off or modulating control of butterfly, ball, rotary plug valves or dampers in a wide range of heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants, water treatment plants, on and offshore. It can be driven by 380V/220V/110V AC power or 24V/110V DC power, inputs 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V DC voltage signal as control signal. (CE and EX certificates approved)
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Contact Us

​Company:Wenzhou Topnotch Machine Co.,Ltd. 

Address:Dongyang Rd., Heyi Industrial Zone,Oubei Town, Yongjia County,Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China 325105

Contact Person:
  Mr. Kevin Tung 

Tel: +86-577-67318591 67318935



MB: 86-18906638592

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